Receipt Number not Received


I am on H1B and staying in US with Approved 140. My VISA and I94 expires on June 18,2016. My employer has filled my H1B extension on May 4th but haven’t got receipt number yet.

Will this cause any problem, What all options do I have if I don;t get my receipt by June 18th.

Thanks for your help in advance.



As long as your petition was received by USCIS, it should be fine. Sometime it can take up to 30 days to receive the receipt number. Maybe after June 5, employer can contact USCIS and follow-up.

Thanks for the info…My Immi team has also stating the same.

Now today is interesting, I got the receipt number but when I look at the receipt number on USCIS site then it shows that document has been mailed, My family’s petition is still document received where as mine says document sent to you.

That is ok and just matter of semantics. Both are being processed.