Receipt No. not received, petition approval directly possible


I havent received Receipt No. yet, is there any possibility of receiving petition approval directly.

P.S. my Visa was filed by my employeer, they are saying the receipt no. is yet to receive

I still did not get the receipt number. My Employer is saying that they still did not receive it yet.

Hi Abhishek,

Yes, it is possible but it is very rare. Under what category your Visa is applied, Premium or regular?

This is crap, may be they never filed or it’s already denied!

Sorry to say, 99.9% your visa application is not filed in this case. soon you will get application cancelled message :frowning: i got it 2 days before with this message from my employer :frowning:

Hi Guys,

Last year one of my friend receive his petition even though the employeer didnt provide him the recipt no. and the HRD ppl kept on saying him that they havent receive the receipt no. yet etc but eventually he got the petition approved.

My employeer keep on emphasing on that they have filed it but USICS have not replied back the receipt no.