Reasons for VISA rejectionswhich has to be filled in DS-160 for H1B VISA

Hi all

My F1-VISA has been rejected thrice in year 2006.

Now i applied for H1B and my petiotion got approved.

So, in filling DS-160 there is one question stating “Has anytime VISA has been rejected”. If yes then i have to mention the reason but unfortunately i dont remember the reason since it has been 2006.

Though a form will be given which states the reason for the rejection but i lost the form which was given in 2006.

So what should be done in order to know the actual reason of my F1 rejection in 2006.

There is no need to give reasons. Form does not ask it.

It merely states- Explain

You should state simply that I was denied Student visa thrice in 2006 . If possible give exact dates of rejection. Otherwise give approx dates using the correct word- around- In the month of etc. But accurately describe the rejection.

Real Reasons for rejection are known only to consulate.So it does not ask you to give reasons. Everybody whose visa is rejected is given the same rejection letter