Re-issue of Indian Passport

My wife applied for new Passport alongwigh me. In my case they entered name of my wife without asking any document but in case of my wife they asked and relied the voter id and bank passbook but there my name was without middle and surname and as such they included only my first name as her busband. (Both the Passports are still pending to be issued for submission of Police Verification Report).
In due course my wife applied for correction of entries in her voter id card which is under process due to elections. May she use my Passport as supporting document for inclusion of my complete name in her passport?
What will be procedure of re-issue of her Passport?

The process to re-issue passport is pretty standard and simple. You need to carry out the required documents as you mentioned as proof for any changes. Check Indian Passport Re-issue Process


My passport expires on 11th Oct 2021 and as I may renew it any time after Oct 2020 (1 year in advance, does this mean I can schedule an appointment before October 2020 (say just before the 11th)? What I mean to ask is does SCHEDULING (online) an appointment also have to be AFTER one year from expiry date? Could I schedule for the 11th itself for example?

I applied for passport renewal and next day I received an email that police verification is initiated on Sep 1st 2020 (no address change), No police came for verification to India address and police constable confirmed that they haven’t received any request on my name. I am sending mails to the Atlanta embassy for passport status but no response… Please help