RE: H1B - Present Work/Education/Training Information


I am currently working in India (XXX company) and applied for H1B visa. My US employer is YYY (say). I will be resigning XXX company once Visa is stamped.

My visa petition got approved and am filling DS160 form for scheduling an interview.

  1. Whom should I mention as my current employer - XXX or YYY?

  2. If I have to mention YYY as my current employer then it becomes XXX as my previous employer. What should I mention in “Previous Employement To date” column. As I signed offer letter from YYY last year, should it be March 2013?

Ideally speaking I need to mention XXX as my current employer and am still employed in India. But logically will that work? I want to be genuine while filling DS160 but worried about above 2 questions.