Re entry to USA from India with H-1B

I currently hold an Indian passport and work in Texas based on my H1-B (I have H-1B stamping). My current employer is sending me to the UK for 6 months with “UK skilled worker transfer” visa. After 6 months I am planning to visit India and then return to the USA. However my manager concerned about whether there will be a problem with my returning to the US from India as I went to UK for work. Would I be able to return to the USA based on my H1-B if I am coming from India instead of UK?

Thank you!

This is not a problem if the employer sent you to UK on a project that requires your specific skill and there is no substantial deviation from what your H-1B task description list is. Just keep papers handy on why you went to UK, what you did there etc. It should not be a problem.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;

Thank you for your detailed explanation. I am going to the UK for exactly same work I do here in the USA. In fact my paychecks will be generated in USA throughtout the time. So as per your explanation I should be good. My another concern is my India visit. After my assignment in UK I am going to India for 2 months but I will be still getting my paychecks. If I have a letter from my employer saying that I still work for them and recent pay stubs, would I face any problem at the port of entry for staying out so long? I know that my H1-B will be still valid but I am worried about CBP officer having an objection about me staying 2 months in India.

Thank you again.

If your employer has no problem, CBP has no jurisdiction in this matter. A letter that states employer is aware of your travel and stay plans and that you will be working throughout the time period is sufficient

Thank you sir!! I really appreciate your advice.