Re-applying for OPT - Denied first time for Masters?

Hi, I have graduated with a MS degree in EE from Louisiana Tech University in May,2018. After my graduation, I have applied for OPT. After a month or so, I received a receipt from USCIS saying that they received the application (The receipt indicated that it was not an OPT card and so). So, as the process was going on, I have transferred my SEVIS ID to other university to start my Ph.D. As a result of that, I received a mail from USCIS saying that my OPT is terminated when the student transfers to another school or begins study at another education level.

As, I am pursing my Ph.D., I now have thoughts about graduating with other masters degree in EE from Texas Tech University. If I do that, will I be able to get OPT this time for sure, or is it not possible as it is denied once at masters level already?

If yes, can I do it directly or do I have to put in any appeal or so, because its been an year since my OPT was denied first time.

Please let me know if anyone has idea. Thanks.

If you have not used any of your OPT period in Masters, then you can apply for OPT and get it. Your DSO needs to recommend that. It would have been denied because you transferred to other school and started a new degree…So, you can definitely apply for it and get approval. Discuss with your DSO and then apply. No need to put in appeal or anything…you just need to apply…You need to work with DSO, get new I-20 and apply as per standard process.