Quota Excempt for processing H1B??

I got my H1B stamped in Feb 2011 and i travelled to US in Mar 2011 and returned after 1 year to India and never travelled back to US. When I was in US I had got my H1 extended as I had got initially for 1 year only, so when I returned to India after completing 1 year on H1 got it again stamped which was valid till Feb 2013. So the stamping got expired recently.

So by the above I have just spent 1 year on H1B, but had it stamped twice. So by this if a new employer wants to file my petition as fresh

  1. will my case be processed in quota excempt or do i need to wait to file in april?

  2. can i travel immediately once stamping is done or wait for oct to travel to US?

  3. can my case be processed in premium processing?

please let me know on my queries.

  1. You do not need to wait till April '13. You are still quota exempt

    1. Yes you can travel immediately

    2. Yes

Thanks Ankit