Questions related to visa stamping


My visa stamping is scheduled for next month.

I don’t have client letter. Is it safe to go visa stamping without client letter?

What is the success rate?

My spouse visa stamping is scheduled on Jan. What is the success rate for my spouse’s visa?

What are the documents that need to be carried for visa stamping.

Please guide me.

Much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

There is no one size fit all answer to this question. Client letter may or may not be required depending upon the specific case. If you are going to work for a small consulting company, then chances of client letter being asked is high. Have a back-up plan in case client letter is asked for.

Spouse’s stampings are usually trivial in comparison to main H-1B visa stamping.

Thanks for your response.
I am a full time employee for the vendor and the company has more or less of 2000 employees.

Ask around how other employees’ interview went. Doesn’t guarantee the same would happen with you but will give a sense of the direction of the wind.