Questions regarding DS 160 form for F1 visa renewal

Hi, I completed my undergrad in May2020. Started Masters in Fall2021 and graduating this June. I have applied for OPT. My F1 visa from undergrad is expiring in Nov2023 & I want to renew from canada via dropbox method(home country is india). I have some questions about ds160 form since renewal follows similar process as applying for new one.
Since Iam already in US, what to fill under “Intended date of arrival” & Length of stay in US"?
quick backstory: My F1 visa was terminated in 2018 due to poor academics and I was to depart US. I overstayed by few months(Im stupid I know). I returned to home country, re-applied and came back to US in 2019 to complete my studies.
2. under Explain box of “Has your US visa even been cancelled or revoked?” can I write: “F1 visa terminated in 2018 due to poor academics, reapplied in 2018 and returned to US in 2019 to resume studies. I graduated from Bachelors, finishing Masters and have a job offer already”
3. Under explain box of “Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed visa…?” can I write: “F1 visa terminated in 2018 due to poor academics. I overstayed by few months, it was a naive decision on my part which I deeply regret.”
Pls advise. Thx.