Questions on travelling to India in case of future emergency

Hello, I am currently living in the US on H1B visa (approved i797 for the past 2 years). The only stamp I have in my passport is F1, for my masters.
I haven’t traveled abroad since my H1B visa petition got approved.
Following are the things that I looking to get clarity on. Please advise or let me know your thoughts.

  1. Since the new visa stamp is completely different from the one that I already have, do I qualify for getting my visa stamped before Dec 2020 if consulate in India open for visa stamping appointments.
  2. If the consulate is accepting only emergency appointments as of now, would my ailing parent be considered an appropriate criteria for emergency condition.
  3. Are there specific situations that qualify as emergency for visa appointment until the consulates in India are fully operational?
  1. Well, this is tricky, not very clear. You should write to consulate and get clarity.
  2. probably not. But, you can try.
  3. They have considered situations like emergency to go back to US for health, vaccination, business need.