questions on time frame of validity of h1b petition and other related thoughts


I have an approved h1b petition, but haven’t stamped yet.

please help me understand the following situations.

1.Is there any time limit by which I have to get the visa stamped ? If yes, what should I do to work in us or to get it stamped after that. ? there anytime limit by which I have to travel if I get the visa stamped ?if yes, what should I do to travel post that time limit ?

3.once I get it stamped with employer A, and I being still in India, what does it the to switch to a employer B ,and work with them.? New cap exempt petition and a new stamp? Is that what I have to do?

4.If I land in USA with employer A is there any minimum requirement that I should meet with respect to time ,pays,is etc before I can switch to a new employer.

I asked with many people , nobody was pretty sure what’s what .if some body can answer in detIail, I think it will help a lot of people.

Looking forward for answers from experienced minds in the group.

  1. Validity of the petition can be found on I797B, which your employer might have shared with you along with the I-94. For example - If it is mentioned as Oct 1st, 2015 to Oct 31st 2016 then petition is valid Oct 31st 16.

2)Usually Visa is given until H1B end date, which is 3 years usually.Once visa expired, you can’t travel.

  1. If you switch employer a Cap-Exempt petition has to be filed by the new employer. Transfer can be applied throughout the year

  2. You can switch employer as soon as the transfer petition is received by USCIS . One can transfer H1B Visa anytime, he/she doesn’t have to wait for 45/60 or else days.As long as you’ve one pay stub, its enough to transfer H1B visa. Usually it gets generated in 15 days.