Questions about US Born Child

Hello All

I have a question w.r.t the Indian Citizenship for US Born Child.

Consider the following scenario.

  1. Kid born in the USA
  2. Birth registered with Indian Consulate in the USA
  3. Obtained Indian Passport
  4. Traveled to India with Parents (Parents on H1B and H4 Visas respectively)
  5. Question1: Is it possible to obtain H4 Visa for a kid possessing an Indian passport, but has a birth certificate from USA? Or is the kid ineligible to enter the US without US passport?

Question2: Do Indian Consulates provide birth certificates when a child’s birth is registered with them?

Thank you so much for your support as always.


Hello, you posted this exact question few weeks back and I replied. Any reason why you would post this again? The answer is same as before.