Questions about filing for H1B (myself) and H4 (fiancé) together

Our story…

I’m currently living in the US & employed through my F-1 OPT. My H1-B visa petition has been accepted by USCIS. As per their website, the approval may take anywhere from 2-6 months (May-Oct end).

My fiancé & I are getting married towards the end of this November in India.

Hoping my H1-B visa petition gets approved…

  1. Can I apply for my visa interview appointment (Delhi) based on a pending H-1B visa petition (accepted but not approved yet)?

  2. Does my fiancé (then wife) need to separately apply for her H4 visa or can that be taken care under my H1-B visa request? If latter, do I need to file a single DS-160 for both?

  3. What’s the typical wait time to get an H1-B visa appointment at the Delhi consulate?

Thank you already!