Questions about B1 B2 visa

We have appointment on 7th feb at Mumbai consulate for B1 B2. Applied for family of 4 members. First time applying for vacation.

  1. What documents should we carry?
  2. My father has travel history of Botswana business visa( 10 months stayed during covid phase 1) and South Africa business visa(3 months stayed during covaid phase 2) both time on business visa… will it impact on our visa?
  3. How much bank balance should be in our accounts? Balance certificate or Account statement should we carry?
  4. Living on rented house having land and house at village. What are the chances of approval??
  5. What questions can we expect??

Thank you.

If he complied with his visitor visa duration of stay without overstaying, no need to worry.

There is no requirement or guidelines for a specific balance. Just carry statements from all banks you and other applicants own. Also carry any acknowledgement for fixed deposits, property valuation, valuation of other fixed assets and bullion like gold, silver ornaments you and other applicants own. Carry copy of last three years income tax returns for all applicants if applicable.

Doesn’t matter.

Just google , but here are some experiences shared by forum users.