Question Regarding Old and Fresh i-94 after H1B approval during


I have a question below. Please give me your valuable answer.

I am currently on OPT STEM valid till Feb/2014. I have my H1B approved in April-2013 and received my H1b documents with new i-94 attached below to that. Now I wanted to go to India in the next month (Aug) and would like to come back in Sep first week. I know I can go and come back on my OPT visa before September, but my question is as I have my H1B approved on my old i-94 and which they will take at POE and issue a new one when return. As my old i-94 was attached to my H1B approval and they will issue a new i-94 copy. So what happen to i-94 when I come back to USA in September? If they issue a new number, does it carry my H1b approved info along with the new one? Is it safe to go and come back without any problem? I am currently working as a fulltime employee for a reputed client.   Is it good and safe to travel being in this position?  My employer has applied for COS already. Please let me know.

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