Question regarding MS in MIS for a B.E(Civil) degree holder.

Hi, I am a B.E (civil) degree holder, pursuing a dual degree program i.e., MBA-MS.

First year in India we have MBA degree in general management and second year in US, for MS we have three options- Marketing, Finance and MIS.

I have done certification courses in C, C++ and JAVA.

With this academic background, is it advisable to go for a specialization in MIS? I read an article on difference between MS in CS and MS in MIS and we have had induction programs regarding MIS in our college. I am very interested in taking it up. But a little oscillation exists coz of my academic background. Please advise.


Well, I would pick something that I really want to work on in future or what I am passionate about. Picking a major, just because you have some background is not the right way to think.

Read this article  : [Goals for MS in USA ]( to get a perspective of choosing higher education.