Question Regarding L1B Visa Extension

Hi folks,

I had a question regarding the extension of my L1-B visa.

I am from India and I hold United States L1-B Visa and my wife holds L2 visa. My and my wife’s visa and I-94, both are valid till September, 2018 and I need to apply for extension next year. Now, I have to attend an important family event in Feb, 2018 which is why I am planning a trip to India around mid-Jan till Feb-end next year. I was planning to apply for my visa extension at that time but this period is 7-8 months prior to the expiration date on my visa. Is it possible to get an extension that much in advance? And if I do apply for extension at that time, are there any risks in terms of approval?

If anyone has any experience, it would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.