Question regarding H1B visa interview


I had gone for a B1 visa interview last month to mumbai & it got approved.

My husband was in US during that time on H1b visa but I mentioned in the DS-160 that I do not have anybody in US since there were chances of rejection.

Now I have to go for a H1B visa interview ,so now if I mention that my husband is in US on an H1B visa is it ok or will it create some issues.

Do they take the past information we gave into consideration while giving a new visa interview ,like will they refer the info I gave while B1 visa interview which the officer has noted down.

Please let me know.I am worried about this question and do not want my H1B to get rejected because of this.



Yes, they will have access to old information. If VO notices the discrepancy in the answer, it will be VO’s discretion. I think the chances of rejection are low, but certainly not 0.

You should not have lied about it.