Question regarding Expiring I797


I got my visa petition approved in Jan 30,2012 (which was filed in previous year quota) and got visa stamped in March ,2012.I got visa till Jan 24,2013 .It’s Aug end now and i havent travelled yet to US.I have couple of questions now :

  1. What is the maximum date before which i need to travel inorder to able to apply for my extension? I heard i should be in US before 30-35 days before my visa gets expired.Is it true ?

  2. Incase i change my employer (in INDIA) and the new employer files a H1b transfer in november in premium mode.Do i stand a chance to get the visa transfer approved? also if it is apporved will the visa expiry date still be Jan 24,2013 ?

Please assist me



You enter US even if you have one week time on your visa. Normally it is better to start 3 months earlier.

Answer for your second question is Yes. It is possible