Question on New H1B for Year 2015 - after 6 year


My situation is like this – Hope you can help me answering my questions, I am on 6th year of my Current H1B Visa in USA - My current stamped visa expires on APR 26 2014, I have travel plans to travel back to India on APR 23 2014. 


(Also I was about 3 months away from USA on 2013, with the Max out calculation technically - I did not use max out period of 6 years on APR 23 2014.)


I wish to apply for the next year - 2015 H1B, Here are my questions.


1. Does USCIS requires me to be away about 1 year to apply to get a New/Full 6 years H1B visa?

2. Am I eligible to apply for 2015 -H1B visa on 1st of APR 2015? 

3. Does it technically mean - I need to be Away from USA 1 Year mean – OCT 2013 to OCT 2014? (ie., The H1B approvals to work on 2015 would be on OCT right?)


Appreciate your earliest reply.