Question on my H1B

I have a H1B and used for 14 months then went back to India in Feb 2010. I had joined to another employer in Nov 2010 and that employer has filed my H1B under Cap Exempt. After I went to stamping in May 2011, I came back to US on June 2011 and I am in US from June 2011.

I have a break of more than year in India for my 2 nd trip to US came on Cap exempt with 2nd employer that is on June 2011.

How USCIS will count my 6 years duration? Can they consider my first stay of 14 moths as well or they will reset 6 years duration from June 2011?

Thanks in advance.

count all the days that your feet is touching the US soil on your H1 status… those are to total days of your H1 usage. It doesnt matter how long is the gap between your US H1 days.