question on interview on h1b..confused

Hi all I have seen that one perticular question asked in interview by VO What is ur client? It s a simple answer but I am confused what to say I have to say abt current company or have to say abt new usa company which I have to join And what’s abt client that’s meaning company customers name they want.? So plz guide what would be the appropriate answer

I think its the client of your new company that you intend to work for in USA. If you are joining a product company, you could say your company do not ahve clients and you work in house. If you work for a product company and your profile includes client/customer visits (like implementation or training), you could say multiple customers.

If your company does projects for some other company, then the second company would be your client company.

I believe you could clearly get an idea on that from your job profile for your new company.

Hope that helps.

Tx sujith one more question if u don’t mind
My current company has partnership with USA company and we work for that USA company projects and here in india my company only provide resources like salary; infrastructure like and in my appointment letter it also mentioned that our company partenership firm with USA company so if VO ask abt current company then what should I tell which company name I am confused guide me if possible

Your current company is where you work right now.
Your future company that you’ll be working for is the US company who filed your petition (your current company’s partner in US).
Your client, when you work in US, would be the client of your US company (may depend on the project you might be in).