Question on DS-160


I am currently in India. I was in USA for last 3+ yrs on L1B Visa. My employer AAA tried to extend my visa from L1B to L1A but it got denied so I had to return to India.

I applied for H1B in current year cycle through different employer XYZ. I got my petition approved finally last week. I am working on my DS-160 for Visa interview and not sure about below questions.

  1. Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked? - Should I answer Yes or No since my L1B to L1A extension of stay/change of status was denied.

  2. Information about Present Employer - Should this be my current Indian AAA or my petitioner employer XYZ.

  3. I have US born baby. Since he is US citizen, he doesn’t need visa. Do I need to show him as companion under Travel details. I have already shown my wife over there.

  4. On the last section of Temporary Work Visa information, there is a question on Name of the Person/Company who filed petition. I have put my petitioner name over there. Below that, it again asks for Name of the Employer along with Address where I’d be working. I put my client address over there since its mentioned in my H1B petition. What should go in Name of the Employer ? Client name or my employer name ?