Question on changing name on ITIN and EAD

I would like to have inputs on my below situation

Recently my wife last name is changed ( which is my last name ) , earlier it was her maiden name, even the passport is also updated with the new name . My wife has ITIN with her last name.

Should I get a new ITIN ?Is there any way to change the name in ITIN ?Do I need to do tax amendment for the years which we have done joined filing with her maiden name ( that time she had her maiden name in passport and ITIN )Will there be any problem in future for EAD ?Any help is appreciated

  1. You should be able to update the name in IRS system with same ITIN

  2. I don’t know which form, but there should be. I also think if you file next return with updated name and same ITIN, it should automatically update their systems. Maybe a CPA could confirm.

  3. No need to update old returns

  4. I think CBP system needs to be updated to get the new name. This should happen automatically when she enters US next time and shows updated passport.