question on B2 Visa and DS160 form

Team, I have a couple of questions if you could help -

  1. My parents plan to visit my brother in US on b2 Visa. My Dad name is ‘Nirmal Kumar’ and he doesnt use ‘Last Name’. His passport has ‘Nirmal Kumar’ in Given name field and ‘Blank’ in ‘Last/sir name field’.

Our family name is ‘Gupta’ but he doesnt have any document with Nirmal Kumar Gupta name on it. In this case, what should we add in DS160 form ‘Last name field’. We have made an affidavit that says Nirmal Kumar and Nirmal Kumar Gupta are same people but can we use ‘Gupta’ in DS160 form or we should use ‘FNU’

  1. My second question is, my parents would apply in Visa Delhi consulate office and I would be applying for B2 visa in Mumbai as I work in Pune. Do you think we should first wait for parents Visa and then I should apply because consulate may get a doubt that the family plan to shift or I may find another job types. I would definitely produce document from my employer stating that I am just going for tourism purpose and would resume work once I am back. In this case, I should not be adding my name as a companion in my parents DS160 form

Please share your suggestions. Thank you!

For Question 1 Use FNU

For second question let them apply first n then you apply because u are unmarried (if my right) there is a chances that they may be deny your application. So let there application get approved after that u can try yours, But in your case gather as much as documents to support that u r coming back like ur employeer later, if u have house or any kind of commitment that u have to have come back for that. Its upto you n your family how to approach.

Thanks. In one of the related post, I read that adding FNU in DS160 form can raise security concern. So should we be using Kumar as Sir name or anyone has experience with FNU.

No because same case was with my mother she use her first name n on her passport also she a has given name and no Surname. so in all her USA n Canada Visa application i put N/ Canada n USA application I put FNU. She got both visa without any objection or rejection.