Question for Mutual separated wife during H1B Interview in US Consulate

I have interview in us consulate. I am mutually separated with my husband. In my passport marital status is separated. During filling DS160 I put the marital status married because there was no option for separate. There was option for legal separated, but I am not legal separate yet. I want to know which type of questions visa officer can ask and what documents I should carry regarding this?

Sorry for the delayed response - I hope you are still waiting on your interview. It is not clear which country you got married in. If the place of marriage was India, then under the Hindu Marriages Act 1955, the information in the passport - “separated” - has full legal validity. You will mark ‘legally separated’ in DS 160. Since it looks like that was not done, the officer will simply seek clarification on your marital status. Answer the situation as it is frankly - your privacy will be respected.