Question about Visitor visa process

I found this site very helpful to learn about the visa process. I am not clear on few things about the logistics on the appointment day (at New Delhi, if it matters).

  1. If the visa is rejected then do they hand over the passport right away or does it have to be collected later on?

  2. If the appointment is at 8AM then typically how long can it take for the entire process inside the Embassy? How early should one report before the appointment?

  3. Does the embassy provide some help to older applicants (my mother is in late 70s) who do not understand English to navigating the process inside?

  4. Do folks just have to wait outside the Embassy for applicants to come out or is there a better way to connect with the applicant?

thanks in advance.

  1. Yes, they will give it right away.
  2. Usually, it can take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours…can be faster too at times…it is hard to say though. The appointment letter would say how early you need to be there. In the past people would go and stand in line much before, now not needed.
  3. The people inside should help for sure. There are many who come with similar background.
  4. You need to wait for them to come out, there is no other way.

You can always call the customer service and ask your questions, they can help you answer …