Question about to re-enter US to get new I-94

Hi -

I currently in Atlanta, US and my family is in India. She has valid L2, also got H1B stamped recently which will be valid from Sept 21st.

We have a situation that my wife has to travel by end of August to US, and we confirmed that she can travel now using her L2 visa. But her employer told that she has to go out of country and re-enter before Oct 2nd to start work using H1, as they did not applied for change of status while filed the petition.

I thought, she can travel to Canada and re-enter US with her current US visa. Recently came to know that need to have Canada Visa to travel.

I’m looking for the best option in this case, for her to go out of country which is closer to Atlanta,US and come back using H1.

Note: she doesn’t need to go for stamping, as already have stamped H1 (in India).

Is it still require to have Canada visa to re-enter to US or any other place closer by where she can go using US visa and re-enter. Please advice.



Canada visitor visa is only around 75$ and easy to get too. I think thats a viable option