Question about OPT STEM Extension Application -- Please answer.

Hi,I am in to a unique kind of situation. I am working for a top MNC in bay area on OPT. My OPT is expiring exactly on May 10th. I am already in to the 120 days eligible window for applying OPT stem extension. As you are aware, DHS has deadline till May 10th for the new rule to get in to effect. I am confused on when to apply for STEM extension. Please let me know, is it better for me to wait till the new rule gets published or apply immediately now without worrying about the new rule?I am also worried, what if the new rule gets published immediately after I mail my documents for OPT stem extension to USCIS. My application without Mentor details (the new rule with 24 months STEM extension has some conditions about having mentor…etc) may get stuck with out any decision with USCIS.Your suggestion is very valuable and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Ram.