Question about H1B Visa Stamping in India

I got my H1 approved through company A in States (Transferred from L1 to H1). Now I am working for Client C through Company B and getting pay-rolls from Company A (through Corp-Corp btw Company A and B). I am planning to go to India for stamping sometime early next year.

  • Working through 2 companies is a major concern? Will I get my VISA denied during stamping for the reason that I am working for client through 2 companies A & B?

  • If I get client letter and work-order with duration of the project, will it be good enough to get my stamping and VISA approved?

  • Which documents would be needed to get the stamping considering above scenario.

Please assist me with answers or direct me to the link if these questions are already answered in this forum before.

  1. You are working in EVC model which can run into issues especially around employer-employee relationship.

  2. Other than this, you need to figure out how to show employer-employee relationship. In other words, how does A exert control over your tasks and activities at client C.

  3. Talk to your attorney/employer on what the correct EE arrangement is, and how it can be aligned w/ H-1 guidelines.