Question about H1B Dropbox Appointment in Kolkata VAC

I had booked an H1B visa renewal dropbox appointment at Mumbai, as that was the closest date available at that time. But I’ll be going to Kolkata VAC instead, as that’s my home-state. Appointment is in March.

My questions are -

  1. If they don’t like the photo I bring with me, do they have facility to click a photo to their liking on the spot? If not, what do you do in that situation?

  2. Since personal belongings are not allowed inside, what do you do with your mobile phone? I don’t have own car or any relative there who can give me a ride. So, I can’t leave it in a car.

  3. I have the document list, but do any of these need to be “original” instead of photocopy, other than passport? Do I need to carry the original copy of I-797 or anything else?

  4. I had chosen “premium delivery” at the time of booking appointment. Am I allowed to change that to “pickup at VAC”? If yes, can I pick it up from Kolkata VAC or will I be allowed only Mumbai VAC, as that was the original dropbox booking location?

  5. If not, and I have to continue with “premium delivery”, does blue dart delivery the passport to your mentioned address OR do you have to go to blue dart office and collect it there? (My friend who recently had his visa renewed said it’s the latter. he’s kidding, right?

Any info you guys can provide is appreciated. Thanks a lot.