Questins in filling ds 160 for wife and kir


I have an approved H1 and I am filling my DS-160.

My Questions are

Do I need to fill DS-160 both for my Wife and Kid(Applying for dependent visa)If Yes is the answer to the above question, who is the sponsor for my wife and Kid(will it be myself or petitioner)

  1. Each person needs their own DS-160 form completed

  2. Their visa category will be H-4. What specific DS-160 question are you referring to?

Thanks much Saurabh for the reply.
My question is
Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip?
Whats the answer for the above question for my wife/kid ds-160.
Will it be Self/US Petitioner ?

It will be Self for both wife and kid.

Thanks Saurabh for the help.