Query to attend/not attend - H1b Interview at Hyderabad

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Well, i am Ravindra and i am regular reader of Red2Bus, sincerly appreciate your help.

Probblem Description

Currently i am working for a notch Indian based MNC IT company and right now i am at client place in Switzerland and might be staying in Swiss for next 6 months.
Recently i got H1B approval valid till 2015.I will be travelling to INDIA on Mar '13 and plan to attend interview by that period.
Right now i do have all require documents ready to attend VISA interview with all supportive documents
(like LCA,SoW,Client Letter and Onsite-Manager letter).I am working for same client from last 2 yrs and will be planning to travel USA and Swiss for further development.

But right now i am feeling 1% in secure to attend the interview because July’12 my friend attended VISA interview and asked to drop Passport with Client Letter and till now he didn’t receive his passport back.
In case if my passport stuck at consulate due to lack of documents( even though i have all require documents as i specify above), then i can not go back to switzerland.


  1. Am i thinking in correct way or no need to fear in case if i do have all guinine supportive documents?
  2. Other than passport i do have switzerland work permit card which is valid till Nov 2013, in case if passport stuck up at consulate, can i go to Swiss with Switzerland Work Permit card (pink card)?
  3. I have attended L1A interview at Chennai in FY-2012 and received 221(G) been asked to apply in another category.If i go now with H1B will it be clear with out any issues?
  4. My company experts already suggested not to attend visa interview from Switzerland, this option is closed.
  5. any other thoughts or hidden issues ?

Highly appreciate your valuable inputs.


  1. If all your documents are in-line with USCIS guidelines and are accurate then you should not worry.
    1. I have no idea about this, but generally speaking I don’t think you would be allowed to travel without passport. Not sure on this though.
    2. Your previous L1 RFE should not impact your H1 chances. VO might ask about it and you may answer honestly to the best of your knowledge but generally that is not the deciding factor for the VO.
    3. Again I would suggest if you have all your documents in line and accurate then don’t stress it too much. best of luck !

You cannot travel internationally w/o the passport. So if your passport is kept by US consulate and you have to return to CH, then you can request them to return the passport . Once their process completes, you can again submit the passport (but you will have to return to India for that as you cannot submit passport from CH).

Thank you so much Ankit & Saurabh for your prompt response.I will attend with confident and update all of you guys soon.Have a wonderful day !!