query regarding the expiry of H1B visa/petition

I have a H1B visa petition approved from my previous company but i recently changed my company.So i want to ask that my H1b petition will be valid and my new company can initiate my visa stamping ???.I applied for the H1b in Apr 2012 and it was approved in October 2012.But stamping was not done .I am having only Receipt number of my H1B petition. So is it possible from any other company i can initiate my stamping for the same petition? Please suggest…

Thanks in advance

The new employer needs to file for H-1 transfer (cap-exempt petition). Once approved, you can appear for stamping through the new employer.

Thanks Saurabh.

if my new employer not ready for the transfer,then how long will be my petition valid

The petition itself is valid only for the period mentioned on the notice. However, you can use it for cap-exempt purpose within 6 years from initial approval date.