Query regarding stamping after H1B transfer.

Hi, I am now working in USA for a mid level product development company, its a full time position, no client. My H1B transfer is done and i have the i797.

I am planning to go to india in august/september. My previous visa stamped in passport is expired, so i have to go for stamping while coming back. I am working for almost 4 months with my current employer, it will be more than 6 months during september. I read lot of 221G cases in H1B stamping,

I have the following documents with me

  1. i797.

  2. i129

  3. lca.

  4. employment letter.

  5. pay stubs as well.

can you guys please help me like how the stamping process will be. and what i am missing in the document set.

my previous company is a big service based company, and they itself did all the things. this is the first time i am doing everything. your help appreciated.