Query regarding H4 stamping

My H1b got stamped and i will be travelling to US in Feb. However, I havent got my wife’s h4 stamped yet. Should I get her visa stamped before I leave for US or once I have settled there. Please note in both cases, she will travel only a after a couple of months. Personally I want her visa to be stamped before I leave, since we will be vacating our rented accommodation and she will be moving out to my parents house which is in a small town, and hence it wont be easy for her to get stamping done once I have left for US. But still I donot want to take any risk even with her visa. Please suggest what should I do?

It is better to get the visa stamped now. This way you will be around to take care if any issues arise during the stamping. Also, this way she can carry your original H1b approval notice to the consulate.