Query regarding H1B Visa RFE - Staff Augmented Project



I have got RFE on my H1B application. They have asked for Project Statement of Work (SoW), End client letter, compensation letter and organization chart.

[b]Case #1:[/b]

I have provided all the documents but in end client letter, my role and job duties are not explained properly. They have mentioned that attending business meetings and workshops will be part of my duties but actually are not. It was filed to USCIS on 4th Oct.

2 weeks later, i got a mail from attorney asking me to correct this and get a new letter from clients explaining the job duties clearly. If in case not able to get the client letter, provide the BRM letter.

I provided the BRM letter as clients are not willing to give another/revised letter. It was filed to USCIS on 22nd Oct.


[b]Case #2:[/b]

For SOW, they have asked me to provide 3 most recent SOW's for the project signed by the end-client. I have provided all three SOW's but in the recent SOW (Valid), it is mentioned as Staff Augmentation Project and in some places it is mentioned that client will be directing and supervising my work as a part of staff augmentation project but the project management activities will be carried out collaboratively by Service provider (My employer) personnal and clients themself. But my compensation letter, payslips, apprisal process etc are provided by my employer and i have submitted those proof's as well to USCIS. But in some forum's i read that for staff augmentation projects, the chances of petition getting approved is very less, how far it is true ?


Considering both the cases, is there any chance for my petition getting approved ?


Hi Anand! What was the outcome of the above issue? with Staff augmentation and Client control like wordings, did u face any issues? How to counter these things for H1B Extension?