Query regading H1b visa approval after you have f1 visa approval.


I am applying for h1b visa from india through a consultancy in USA. So will it be good to go with that. will there be any problem in getting visa. How safe is that if consultancy in USA is sponsoring you in India for H1.

Additionaly, i have applied to colleges in US for MS. If incase i get through in any of the colleges then i’ll have to apply for F1 visa first which most probably happens in the month of april. Having said that, two things are confusing me here.

1)If my F1 visa gets approved in the month of april and again if i go for H1b visa stamping then will it be a problem getthing h1b stamped.

  1. If my FI visa get rejected then going for H1b visa stamping then F1 visa rejection will be a problem in getting my h1b visa approval.

Lastly,if my petition will be filled for H1 in the month of april the how much time will it take to get h1b visa approval.


Chances of aprpoval vary from case to case and depends upon your profile, employer’s financial stability, client/project information etc. Ask the company about their track record and whether they can provide you w/ a client letter for the filing.

  1. There shouldn’t be a problem. There is a possibility that they will cancel the F-1 visa stamp while approving the H-1 visa stamp.

  2. Usually it doesn’t unless rejection reasons are related to submission of false documents/information.

3.Under regular processing it can take 2-6 months to process. Under premium processing it is 15 calendar days. If RFE is issued, then it can take longer.

Thanks Sourabh for your comments, I do have one more doubt as you said
chances of aprpoval depends upon employer’s financial stability, client/project information etc. but in my case the consultancy from USA is sponsoring me in India, and as you know consultancis are not gian organisation, so will it put up any negative impression on US consulate during interview… and my Consultancy is Desi consultancy.

Consulting companies have hard time in getting approval. Ask the company about their other employees’ recent stamping experiences. That could give you an indication.