Query on J1 VISA renewal process

J1 Visa Renewal Query

I have a J1 Visa issued for 1 year with expiration date based on DS 2019 issued by the lab where I am going for a postdoc program. I under stand one can do the postdoc unde J1 for a maximum of 3 or 5 years or so. My lab is too willing to keep extending subject to mey performance. My query is: Should I have to travel to my home country ( India) every year wioth a renewed DS-2019? Should I have to renew only after the expiry date of the current one? OR can I renew it during the currency towards the end of the first expiry date? Is the renewal process same , that is, submit DS160, seek consular interview, and get a decsion from the VO?
will be gald if someone can guide with some road map.


Visa is just a travel document. Your J1 status will be extended based on the program you will be enrolled. Unless you travel outside the US after your visa is expired, you dont need a visa stamp.

Dear Mr.Kalpesh
Thaks for the clerar response.
Final related query :
If section 212(e) is marked in the DS 2019, and while applying for NORI ( NO OBJECTION TO RETURN TO INDIA), say towards final year of the post doc program, is it essential to ensure the J1 visa expiry date has to be past the date of such application? OR a copy of whatever is VISA that i have is enough? The CGI ( consular general of india) in usa requires certain documents and copy of J1 visa ( there is no mention of its currency) is one such.
I will be glad for a response to this final query on J1 related.
Thanks and regards