Query on H1B stamping process in Switzerland

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Well, my name is Ravindra and I work for indian based MNC company and I do have a query on H1B stamping process in Switzerland.

Some back ground before I elaborate about H1B query.

I have attended L1A visa at Chennai in August 2012 but visa got rejected and back with Blue sheet (221) G.

Again company applied on H1B (Not Subject to Cap category) in Sept 2012 and got petition approval on 31st Dec, 2012 for 3 years.

Right now I am in Switzerland and planning to attend H1B visa interview here itself.

Here are my queries.

	In the petition document Consulate mentioned as Hyderabad [b], is it mean do I need to attend there only ?[/b]

	In case if I attend in Switzerland what all are the [b]Pros and Cons[/b] ?

	In case if I attend in Switzerland, do I need to carry my L1A Blue sheet (221)G ?


Highly appreciate your help.

  1. Generally you can as you are in CHE now. However, different consulates have different policies are TCNs (third country nationals). You should call the consulate in CHE and ask them about it to be sure.

  2. There may be more dates available for interview than those available in India. However, the officer may issue 221g if they are not able to ascertain your education etc.

  3. Not required. In the DS form, you need to mention about previous visa rejections (which includes 221g) but don’t need to have the blue sheet. You may be asked about the reason and can reply to the best of your knowledge.

First of all Thank you so much for quick response.
1.what are the chances of TCN person get visa at CHE location?
2.I am done Master’s, again blue sheet ? :frowning:
3. Even though petition is approved, visa rejection chances are high ??

  1. I don’t know, but in general it depends upon your profile, employer and submitted documents. May be you can search online for specific experiences at CHE
  2. Didn’t understand this question
  3. Refer (1)

Will you be working in IT consulting? If yes, will you be working in EC or EVC model? What has been stamping success ratio of your employer in recent past? Do you have enough documentation about the project/work?