Query on H1 Transfer - Is joining Employer B after 2-3 months possible?


My H1 is nearing it's expiration date and my employer has filed for a renewal(Employer A)

In the mean time, I have also found a job who is also willing to do a H1 transfer for me. They would be filing in a week time. (Employer B)


Suppose both of the H1 is approved


My question is Can I join my Employer B after 2-3 months if my Employer B is fine with that. I know it would be hard to convince an employer about delay in joining but if in case I can convince them, can I join them after 2-3 months as I have a training going on with Employer A and I would like to continue this as it would be beneficial for me in the long term of my career.


Thanks in Advance for your reply

You can if the enmployer is convinced