Query on DS 160 update after appointment

I filled DS160 about 2 months ago and got visa stamping appointment in dropbox in Feb- 2022. And later I renewed my dependent passport. Is there a way to update new passport details in DS160 for dependents? Or do I need to fill another DS 160 with new passport details?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

If it is more than 30 days you submitted the DS160, you can simply fill out a new DS160. You don’t need to pay visa fees again. Just carry the confirmation page from the new and old DS160 to your appointment.

You may double check by calling VFS.


Thank you so much Kalpesh

Hi @Satish_Singh1
I am also in the similar boat. Were you able to use new DS-160? Please response when you get a chance. Thank you very much.

I am planning to get my H1B renewal stamping through Dropbox (I am sure I am eligible for Dropbox) sometime in May/June 2022. However, I do not have my H1B I-797 approved yet, I am guessing it will be approved sometime in March/April 2022. But, I do not want to wait to book an appointment until my I-797 approved because I may not get the dropbox slot at that time for the date/period I am looking for (assuming slots are getting filled fast). So, I am planning to submit DS-160 with the old(current) approved I-797 and then book the dropbox slot with that DS-160 form. After the new I-797 is approved, I would like to submit new DS-160 and take that new DS-160 to dropbox stamping. So, I want to know if a change in DS-160 is okay

You can fill new DS 160 anytime and just call to customer service and ask to update new DS160 on appointment…they update quickly…no worry

Thank you very much. This helps