Query on Dropbox Cut off date - Edge case

My visa expired on Mar 24, 2020. While trying to book an appointment, it mentioned that I am eligible for an interview waiver. Currently, I have made the payment but there weren’t any slots, as I was checking back and forth, the account got locked up to 72 hours.

In case, I don’t get an appointment within Mar 24, 2021 (1-year eligibility), will I not be eligible for Dropbox anymore and have to go to the consulate? The reason I ask this question is that the dropbox eligibility criteria in the site are based on the set of questions but not on the cut-off date as I never mentioned the current visa end date anywhere. If I get a date later than Mar 24, 2021, and in the dropbox location, if they tell me I am not eligible as the visa expiry cut-off date is crossed, it will be just pure waste of time.

However, as the system will force for dropbox if eligible though the appointment date crosses the eligibility, will they take care of booking an appointment in Chennai themselves after they let us know on the ineligibility, or should I be making a new payment and book again?

Appreciate anyone let me know as this is a kind of an edge case.

  • Do not worry. Due to covid situation and closure of consulate , Eligibility of Interview waiver is now two years from the date of visa expiry.
    Drop box appointment date should be at least 10 days before 2 years from visa expiry date.

Thanks for the info. However, the 2-year rule is currently applicable until Dec 31st only right? But As we will not get any appointments by then, I guess we will not be eligible for the 2-year rule

2 yr validity from visa expiry for drop box is valid indefinitely as of now. There is no restriction upto 31 dec 2020 as of now.


I am also in the same situation and the above website clearly mention new policy effect till Dec 31st.

Kindly update if any one has any updates about this use case

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We all are waiting for the update from Dept of State. Fingers crossed !