Query on Address and PV Clearance for Indian Passport Renewal from US

Hi All,

I came to US 6 months ago and need to renew my passport. My Indian address in Passport is currentlt locked-up since I am here. If I apply for the passport renewal with Printable Address as my current address in the existing passport and other address as US address, will there be any Police Verification. Sceptical because my Indian house itself is locked and no one is there.

Also, as per MEA circular, “Police Verification (PV) is not necessary in case of renewal/reissue of passport, if the passport application is submitted before expiry or within three years of expiry of the Passport, provided the system shows clear PV and nothing adverse is noticed.”

It also says, “Police Verification after issuance of passport is required if the application for reissue of passport is (i) submitted within three years after expiry of passport, but the PV Column in the system is either blank or incomplete”. Wanted to confirm in which scenario will ‘PV Column in the system is either blank or incomplete’. Does it happen if a new address is provided in the passport application?

Please advise.