Query about H4 For baby of 6 months


  1. My Husband on H1 Visa in US Currently
  2. I got my H1 Visa with 221g which cleared now
  3. I already submitted my passport for H1 Stamping
  4. I have also applied for H4 Visa scheduled in Oct for Myself and My baby of 6 months old
  5. Now my H4 Visa slot is cancelled, Baby’s H4 visa appointment remains same
  6. My Biometric is Delhi, Interview at Hyderabad


  1. Can i go for Dropbox submission for my baby at hyderabad consulate ?
  2. Do we need to submit both parents visa copy ?
  3. Do i need to submit Baby photo,DS 160 at delhi and attend interview at hyderabad consulate ?
  4. How would the process be in my case ?


Submit copy of both parent passport including visa pages and the latest I-94 for your husband as he is in the US and his H1B visa may have expired.
Also submit your husbands employment verification letter and most recent three pay stubs.

Why would you attend interview when your H4 visa appointment is canceled. Child below 14 qualify for dropbox.

Your H1B visa is under processing and you canceled H4 appointment so not sure what process you are referring to.