Query about H1B visa Interview


I have got germany emplyment visa after i got an offer from germany employer which is valid for 90 days but also my h1b petition is approved yesterday. I would like to know if there is any impact on h1b interview and what are the expected questions i can face and best way to handle it.

Can some one please help me on this ?


did you get germany employment visa stamped on your passport? and you are worried if VO will ask you about this? You shouldn’t be - it is not uncommon to apply for various employment opportunities - but during interview make it very clear that you want to pursue the US employment opportunity as it helps your career better compared to the germany one

Yes I got germany employment visa stamping done on my passport and this visa is valid upto 90 days and my employer in Germany will process blue card visa once I step in to gemany. However, I m not looking to move to germany due to language barrier. Hence I am looking to pursue a carrier in US.