Query about h1b transfer


So this year My wife was working for a company under L2 EAD till june 2022. So they applied for H1b and it got picked in the lottery and its approved(change of status) also.
L2 status ended June 20th and Entered into H4 status till Sept 30th with no permission to work.

she was supposed to start from Oct 1st but now the company is telling that they need to lay her off because of Financial conditions but they said they wont revoke her H1b.

Does that mean that she can find a new employer and file for H1b transfer with the approval she has?
if she can file for transfer is it good to do it after Oct1st or before Oct1st? Technically she will have no job starting from Oct 1st and status will change to H1b automatically since its COS that was applied.


The new employer can file cap-exempt H1B with change of status any time but it wont start until 1st October.