Query about H1B application with 221g blue slip

Can someone help me with the below query.

I had applied for H1B cap exempt and the petition got approved. Was eligible for Visa Interview wavier so had only passport drop out. after a week of submitting the passport at Chennai consulate, received the passport back with 221g blue slip asking to appear for the interview along with the few documents that was checked in the slip.
I appeared for the interview following week on Thursday along with the documents requested. My turn came in for the interview with the counselor and he asked me for the passport, did not ask for any documents which was mentioned on the 221g blue slip. Neither anyone else at the office asked for it while taking finger prints.
VO asked couple of questions and I answered, he said your Visa is approved and took my Passport.
But the Visa Status on the website still shows “Administrative Processing”. Can anyone help if it is something that i need to worry, whether i was supposed to submit the documents.