Queries with L2 extension.

Hi Team,

My Husband is on L1-B visa and we have Visa valid till March 2018. My Spouse’s company is filing for his extension and the interview will be around January- February 2018. Both our i-94’s are till 2020.

  1. We are planning to visit Canada for the interview, what in case if the visa extension is rejected, can we still comeback till our valid visa date, finish all the remaining tasks in USA?

  2. Can I stay back in US, while my husband attends interview in Canada, will that be an issue?

  3. If so, what is the procedure to get the L2 extension (not just i-94) done? Do i need to go out and get it stamped or can the extension happen from inside US.

  4. If it happens from inside US, can i travel in and out of US as per need or do i need to go for a stamping next time i go out?